Skills and Experience


Project management:

• Lead engineer on a 2013 major reformer turnaround including 1.5 years of planning with a budget of over $10MM. Reviewed and supervised the design work of three engineers.
• Executed $500,000+ project to de-bottleneck Crude Unit side cut. Responsible for project framing, financing, detailed engineering design, construction and quality control. Project saved over $100,000 per year.
• Utilized Chevron proprietary project management processes to scope, frame, develop and execute 10+ process plant improvement projects with values of up to $2MM each. Had total responsibility for projects through all phases including engineering design, building and environmental permitting, quality control, construction oversight and financial approval gates.

Equipment repair, specification and procurement:

• Developed engineering specifications to repair, redesign or replace 50+ pieces of process plant equipment including: reactors, furnaces, heat exchangers, reboilers, separators, LPG spheres, reboilers, surface condensers and tanks worth over $3MM in total.
• Worked directly with equipment vendors to manage drawing revisions and quality control. Ensured equipment purchases complied with API, ASME Sec. I, ASME Sec. VIII, NBIC and local regulatory requirements.

Piping Systems:

• Project manager and engineering lead for 50+ repairs, upgrades and replacements for piping systems including: metallurgical piping upgrades, weld repairs, pressure relief device installation (pilot-operated, balanced bellows and conventional), process valves, control valve manifolds, pump manifolds, pipe support systems (pipe racks, shoes etc.), sample stations, injection systems (quills, orifices etc.) and temporary piping facilities.
• Managed the engineering design for 5+ emergency piping repairs (leak seals, hot taps, freeze plugs etc.) on critical utility systems and high temperature/pressure process lines.
• Ensured API, ASME B31.1, B31.3 and local regulatory compliance.


• Implemented preheating and post-weld heat treatment plans for piping and pressure vessels to ASME and NBIC standards.
• Wrote 15+ engineering instruction packages to upgrade carbon steel piping and pressure vessel metallurgy via weld building and/or appurtenance upgrade to stainless steel, chrome, Hastelloy C-276 and other alloys.

Technical Review:

• Represented the Design Engineering Department in five industry-mandated Process Hazard Analysis and Damage Mechanism Review sessions which included plant-wide P&ID specification break reviews.
• Performed Fitness For Service Level I certified calculations on pressure vessel and piping system integrity threats.
• Tracked plant design changes using OSHA-mandated Management of Change and Process Safety Management.